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A website has designed an artificial purr-engine that plays customizable cat purring sounds to calm you or your kitty during moments of turmoil.

We can’t always have a purring lap cat with us, but Purrli.com is a good, dare we say, purrfect solution.

“The internet has a cat” says Purrli.com. Visitors can start a purring sound, and use the sliders to change whether it’s a playful, excited purr or a sleepy, breathy purr.

“The sound of a purring cat is one of the most comforting sounds available and can help soothe and calm you down when you’re feeling stressed,” they shared on their website. “Purrli tries to recreate both the sound and the presence of your very own virtual cat through a custom sound engine modelled after real purrs.”

You can really get granular with your cat purrs, and you can even replicate how some cats will, upon the ceasing of pets, begin to purr faster to alert you that you actually haven’t finished petting them.

One of the coolest things is it helps kittens to calm down, as one contributor wrote…

“I foster kittens sometimes, and I recently got three little fellas without a mother. They were really rowdy and didn’t really purr much, so I decided to play this purring for them. When I came back to check on them, they were all sleeping around the speaker happily purring along with the recording! It really helps calm them down; I play it all the time now. Thank you so much!”

For others, like this college freshman, it helps them through moments of panic…

“I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve used this cat purr to counter a panic attack… Turning this on for even five minutes makes the tension spiral out of my shoulders.”